Are Mobile Devices a Pain in the Neck?

Are our tablets and smart phones a pain in the neck?! Something we would never think about possibly?

Now, just think… how do you sit when using your tablet or phone? It is not “the norm” to watch our posture when we are sat relaxing on the sofa or on the bus using our smartphones.

Sitting puts twice as much pressure through our discs in the lower back as standing, so we need to recognise we are vulnerable and take precautions to avoid any future detrimental effects on our bodies.

Top Tips

  1. We need to remain aware that our posture is always important during any static activity.
  2. If you are maintaining a position for a period of time you need to ensure this a safe posture and also keep adjusting your position.
  3. It is important to regularly change position and take a break from the activity to relieve any tension building up.
  4. Sit up straight and squeeze your shoulder blades together, stretching across the chest, rotate your neck to either side, arch your back, anything to ensure you move and readjust how you have been sat.

It is not uncommon, as individuals, we spend hours every single day on our flashy phones and tablets. We read through our phones as we used to do the morning paper and spend hours browsing the internet, in fact, according to research, smartphone users now spend an average of two to four hours a day with their heads dropped down. This results in 700 to 1,400 hours a year! That is a lot of hours! Make sure you are taking care of your posture.

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