Testimonials from previous patients


It’s always nice to hear feedback from our previous patients, it makes us feel proud and shows potential new clients that we’re a great place to visit for physiotherapy treatment. Below is a wide selection of some of the many written testimonials that we have received.


Tony – Entrepreneur, Triathlete – Calf pain

“I have had continuous problems with pulling muscles in my legs. Dave looked further into the cause of the problem, rather than just treating the injury. After he recommended a specialist it transpired that my problems were much deeper routed that just pulling of a muscle. After seeing a specialist we identified the route cause of the problem and therefore a course of treatment has now been prescribed which allows me to train with confidence again, something I have been unable to do for a number of years. I have a very busy lifestyle, with my work which involves travelling a lot, because of this, setting time for treatment has been impossible. Dave has often treated me outside normal hours to ensure I keep up my treatment. It is blatantly obvious that Dave’s interest is in the treatment and rehabilitation of his patients, sometimes at the personal expense of time. I would recommend this guy to anybody; he really does go the extra mile.”


Mike – Company Director – Skiing accident

“I can’t thank David enough for the care and treatment I received following a serious skiing accident. He helped even before I returned to the UK by sorting out specialist treatment with a leading consultant. Five months of treatment and rehabilitation followed the accident. The sheer professionalism, determination and hands on treatment, by David, played a major part in me getting back on my feet. I can not thank him enough for this. I have no hesitation in recommending.”


Joan – Retired business woman – Neck pain

“After a couple of sessions of physio, the pain was easing and I started to get more lateral movement in my neck which felt more supple. I carried on with Dave Carter’s treatment for several weeks and now only need to make occasional visits. I have been more than pleased with the treatment and have been able to maintain a practically pain free lifestyle without drugs and painkillers. I can fully recommend the treatment I have received.”


Andrew – Senior tax advisor – Cricketer sporting injury

“I suffered several months with my shoulder, affecting my work, sport, driving, sleep and daily routine. Having visited Dave, it was identified that there was an underlying problem that would most likely require surgery. Dave referred me to the specialist without delay.  In the days and weeks after surgery, fantastic support was provided to rehabilitate my shoulder. Exercise routines were clearly communicated, enabling me to confidently work on my shoulder at home. Following the rehabilitation program set out for me, I was able to get back to my sport and get good nights sleep!”


Trevor – Builder – Motor accident

“I was really frustrated after the accident. Being a self employed builder, it was really important that I got back to work as soon as possible because I don’t get paid to be off work. I went to my doctors, but they said it would be a 7 week wait for physiotherapy. I visited Dave and he told me almost straight a way what the problem was. His treatment helped me to get back to work 10 days after the accident. I f you need a Physio, then Dave is your man. Thank for your help.”


Margaret – Housewife and mother – Leg pain

“I hadn’t slept for 10 nights and the pain killers were just taking the edge off the pain. David was great, he put my mind at rest by letting me know that nothing seriously was wrong. He explained that I had a trapped nerve in my back and that the pain would take some time to settle down, with the treatment. I had the treatment over several weeks until I could drive again, but more importantly I could sleep. David gave me a number of exercises to continue after my treatment. I continued to do these every day and fortunately I haven’t had the pain since. I can’t thank him and his staff enough.”


Peter – CEO of a large company – Post operative spinal injury

“I have used Dave for the last 9 months to help me manage my acute lower back pain. After going to numerous physio’s and chiropractors post operation I have found Dave to be by far the best. My back requires regular deep tissue massage to minimize scarring and to ease mobility and I’ve found Dave literally throws himself into this to ensure I get a strong beneficial manipulation and massage. I also found his acupuncture very useful at relieving specific pain points. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”


Prof. Leonard Funk – Shoulder surgeon, Wrightington Hostpital

“I have known and worked with Dave Carter for many years. He is an extremely capable and professional physiotherapist. He has rehabilitated many of my patients with shoulder injuries and pain and also after shoulder surgery. He uses modern rehabilitation methods and keeps himself current. He has great expertise treating both sporting and non-athletic shoulder disorders.”


Rachel – Multiple trauma following multiple injuries

“Dave has been one of my rocks during my rehabilitation. Without his determination, loyalty and motivation I would not have progressed at the speed I have. The degree of care Dave has given me is outstanding, he not only treated me in the highest standard possible but also gave me an understanding of how the body and mind copes with trauma. I will be forever grateful for the outstanding contribution he has made in enabling me to get my life back on track. Without Dave I wouldn’t have had the confidence to progress further, even through hard times when I had to be pushed. The fact that Dave made me feel comfortable with all of the therapy I undertook played vital part in the recovery process.”


Tom – Chartered surveyor – Cricket injury

“Following my shoulder operation I attended weekly sessions with Dave to progress with my rehabilitation. We started with light exercises using the thera-band exercise band and ball. As the pain eased, this meant more rigorous exercises could be attempted, we then moved to the multigym to strengthen the shoulder muscles.” 

“The strategic and structured approach from Dave was invaluable in the speed and progress of recovery. I would recommend Dave to anyone requiring physiotherapy.”


Stuart – Company director – Motorcycle accident

“Following a motorbike accident and surgery to my shoulder I was struggling to recover proper use of my arm and shoulder and some months later still in quite a lot of pain. I was referred by my Surgeon to David Carter for a programme of physio.”

“My first thoughts that I was going to have limited use of my shoulder as the pain and immobility was quite severe. At first the improvements was quite slow but over the coming weeks I began to get more and more use of my shoulder. Finally I was discharged and I am pleased to report full use of both my Arm and shoulder which I never thought would happen.”